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About Andrew

Andrew Turnquist is a self-taught photographer specializing in traditional silver gelatin fine art prints of the natural world. He has been taking pictures since getting a Kodak Disc camera for Christmas as a child. With its tiny negative size, image quality was poor, but it started him training the camera on subjects otherwise ignored.

Andrew began working in black and white in the late 1990s, temporarily repurposing his apartment bathroom as a darkroom, and has been working on improving his art ever since. He has recently rejected the notion that he should focus on a more “practical” career, or rather rejected the notion that fine art cannot be a practical career.

He has been especially influenced by the style and technique of Ansel Adams.

While Andrew is forever experimenting, the main focus of his work is the overlooked in nature, on both the micro and the macro scale.

Andrew grew up in Fairport, resides in Rochester and is in a committed relationship with his partner, PJ, who has been wonderful in her support of Andrew's work.

Artist's Statement

We are too often engulfed by our man-made world to the point where we become disconnected from the natural environment that has sustained us through thousands of years and allowed for us to survive and thrive.

My photographs remind us of the natural environment that we are forever a part of.

In a busy, disconnected world, my photographs transport the viewer out of our world of machines and busy-ness and into a natural environment where they can relax looking out over a still pond, or indulge our curiosity of the smaller serendipitous finds in nature, if we are aware enough to see them.

It is my hope as a photographer that my work will inspire people not just to appreciate nature captured in a print, but to make time to go beyond the print into the world of nature itself.

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